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How do I enter a competition?

Entering any Football Prizes competition follows the same rules. First you must select the competition you are entering from the list available in the ‘Competitions’ category. Then you may select a raffle ticket number for the draw before answering a question to move onto the next screen. Once you have completed this step, you are directed through to a secure payment screen where you may pay for your ticket. A more in-depth explanation on how to enter a draw is available under the ‘How to Play’ category.

What if a competition doesn’t sell out when the timer runs out?

All prizes will be drawn on the end day stated. We never extend our prizes and always run them no matter how many tickets are sold.

If all tickets in a competition do not sell out, it simply means better odds for those involved!

We have never, and will never extend a competition to try and sell more tickets.

How do I receive my prize?

Once a winner has been drawn a member of the Football Prizes team will be in touch within 24 hours. If the prize is an item such as a kit pack or memorabilia, this will be sent out within five days of the competition closing. Matchday tickets will also be sent out to competition winners within five days of winning. If the match kicks off within five days, the tickets will be made available for collection from the club ground.

How many entrants am I allowed to have in a single draw?

Each competition is limited in the number of tickets available per person. If you are entering for a friend or someone else, you may purchase further tickets but will need to provide their name in order to  be entered.

How do you make sure every draw is random?

We currently use Google Random Number generator or a random ball draw which is completely random and nothing can influence the outcome of the draw.

Can away fans bid on matchday experiences and what is the dress code?

All our matchday hospitality tickets are seated in the home end of the ground however, away fans can bid on these tickets and attend due to Premier League club’s policies on hospitality. If you are sitting in the home end you are expected to behave appropriately and failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave. This will have to be acknowledged prior to the match you are attending.

Dress code differs from each club and you will be contacted prior to the game to instruct you of what can and can’t be worn. Many clubs are very relaxed and as long as you don’t wear anything that will likely antagonise the home support, it should be okay.

What are the ‘Cash Equivalent’ draws?

‘Cash Equivalent’ draws are cash draws which totals the amount to what is advertised. So for example, if the ‘Cash Equivalent’ draw is cash to the value of 2 x Man Utd v Aston Villa tickets, then we would work with the winner to determine how much these cost and send the winner this amount in pounds. 

The winner of the Cash Equivalent prizes can choose to spend their winning money on anything they choose. If they decide they want to purchase their own tickets to the match advertised, we can help them to source their own tickets through official channels.

*Please note, these competitions are cash prizes, Football Prizes are in no way re-selling tickets during these draws. However we can 100% guarantee we would be able to help you purchase your own tickets with our help, advice and ticketing contacts.

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